Cooperatives in our Schools Program

Cooperative Unit to Educate Students

Cooperatives are an important part of our society and should be taught in our schools. Students should understand cooperatives are people working together to solve common problems and seize opportunities. Also, that Coops are business entities that people use to provide themselves with goods and services. Taylor Electric and the Federated Youth Foundation (FYF) have developed a Cooperative Unit to be taught in our schools.

The Challenge

The challenge every district faces is that teachers already have overloaded days filled with reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, phy ed, music, languages, civics, safety, technology…the list goes on and on, leaving little time to add anything new.

Win-Win Solution

School districts can get their sub costs paid while students are taught a Cooperative Unit by a trained substitute. Each year school districts spend thousands of dollars on substitute teachers. When teachers aren’t in their classroom, student learning is put on hold and the district loses money. The cooperative board in your area can partner with the Federated Youth Foundation to pay for substitute teaching time in your school district. During those days, a trained substitute teacher educates your students about cooperatives using a project-based unit plan. This is money saved and time well spent!

Cooperative Unit Outline

The educator will first analyze examples of conflict, cooperation and interdependence among groups, societies or nations. Then identify the economic roles of institutions such as corporations, cooperatives, and businesses, and banks, labor unions, and the Federal Reserve System. Next, describe and explain the means by which groups and institutions meet the needs of individuals and societies. Finally, describe cooperation and interdependence among individuals, groups and nations, such as helping others in time of crisis.

Samples of the students radio ads:

More Information

If your town is interested in teaching students about cooperatives, contact Mike Schaefer at 715-678-2411 x224

Contact School in the Program

Medford School District has piloted a Unit for the 5th Grade Level for more info contact:
Superintendent: Pat Sullivan 715-748-44620, ext. 523
Curriculum Director: Laura Lundy 715-748-4620, ext. 525

Sponsored by: Federated Youth Foundation

Your cooperative has the right to forfeit its unclaimed funds for use in your community or for worthy statewide causes. But has your cooperative been exercising this right? If not, the Federated Youth Foundation (FYF) can assist you with the procedure necessary to take advantage of this opportunity, and will, at nominal costs, administer your funds and distribute them at your request for programs such as the Cooperatives in our Schools Program.


Allan Kraus, Executive Director 608-258-4390

Thank you to everyone who helps make this program a continued success!