Launching Cooperatives in our Schools Program

Steps to Successfully Launching in your Community

Step 1: Select a representative from your cooperative board or cooperative manager to meet with a school district representative such as the superintendent, principal or curriculum director.

Step 2: Explain the concept using the program brochure and video.

Step 3: Once the school has accepted the idea, ask for the names of their best substitute teachers. Contact the substitute, or ask that the school district contact him/her on your behalf. For larger districts, you may need to train two or three substitutes.

Step 4: Once you’ve secured the substitute, give him/her the unit plan and then set up a training time with Federated Youth Foundation.

Step 5: Select a grade level. Fifth or sixth grade is recommended because of the age of the students and the structure of their daily schedule.

Step 6: Keep in contact with your school principal(s) to ensure that he/she remembers to schedule your substitute into those classrooms two times throughout the year.

Step 7: Work with your school district’s business office to reimburse the school for the sub costs.

Costs to the Cooperative

Yearly Costs

Substitute costs: $100/day x 2 days = $200 per class

Material Costs $2/student (folder, handouts)

One-Time Costs

$300/day for initial training of the substitute which include $100 for the sub and $200 for the training + travel expenses

Contact Information

Mike Schaefer at 715-678-2411 x224

Contact School in the Program

Medford School District has piloted a Unit for the 5th Grade Level for more info contact:
Superintendent: Pat Sullivan 715-748-44620, ext. 523
Curriculum Director: Laura Lundy 715-748-4620, ext. 525