Taylor Report

The Taylor Report is a monthly newsletter publication created and distributed by Taylor Electric Cooperative. This publication is mailed to every TEC owner-member to keep them up-to-date on the board of director meetings, new and changing cooperative programs, community events and more. You can also view these documents electronically by clicking on the links below.

Annual Report

2018 Annual Report 2.9 MB

2017 Annual Report 2.9 MB

2016 Annual Report 2.9 MB

2015 Annual Report 1.8 MB

2014 Annual Report 2.0 MB

2013 Annual Report 1.5 MB

This 28 page year-end summary includes the President’s Report, Report of The Chairman, Capital Credit Summary, Statement of Revenue and Expense, Scholarship Recipients, Taylor Electric Cooperative Incentives, Smart Hub Information, the Employees of Taylor Electric, Yearly Statistical Comparison and much, much more.