1. What is the Prepaid Metering program?

Prepaid Metering puts you in the driver’s seat for purchasing electricity. It’s like filling your car or truck with gasoline. You monitor the fuel level and decide when you should re‐fill. Adding money to your account allows you to “refuel”. You simply pay for your electricity before it is used.

2. How does Prepaid Metering work?

Your meter is read daily and your account balance is reduced by the previous day’s usage. In the event that we cannot get a reading from your meter, our system will estimate your usage based on historical usage. In the event that an estimated usage is used, the system will “true” up the charges when a valid reading is received.

Low balance notifications are automatically sent to you through email and text messages. If the account balance reaches zero, power is automatically disconnected until payment on the account is received.

3. When am I notified of low balances?

Low balance notices are sent based on your preferences. The system defaults to a five (5) day low balance notice; however, you can choose to override this and be notified when your balance reaches a certain dollar value.

4. What type of notifications can be sent?

Notifications can be sent to you by email and/or text message. An email address is mandatory to participate. You can also view your balances through SmartHub or on your mobile device via the SmartHub app.

5. What are the benefit(s) of using Prepaid Metering?

Existing members can choose their own due date and pay as many times as they wish throughout the month instead of paying one lump sum.

New members can choose this option instead of paying a deposit.

Disconnected members are allowed to go on this program as long as their past due balance is paid in full.

Prepaid Metering gives you the greatest control over your electric usage and allows you to control when you pay for your electricity each month.

6. Is everyone allowed to be on Prepaid Metering?

Because of the way that the disconnect meters work, only members that have a 200 amp metered service and are not seasonal can participate.

7. What if I do not receive the disconnect/low balance notice?

We would treat this the same way that we do with our normal disconnect process.

Failure to receive the alert does not stop us from disconnecting. You are strongly encouraged to monitor your accounts and electric usage through SmartHub and not rely totally on notifications.

8. Are there additional costs for me?

At this time there are no additional charges to be on Prepaid Metering.

9. How do I pay?

You can pay through our website (SmartHub), over the phone (715-678-2411 or 855-874-5353) or in person at our office.

10. Is there a minimum amount that I must pay each time?

There is no minimum payment amount unless the account has been disconnected.  At that point, you must pay enough that the account has a credit balance of at least $30.00.

11. How often can I pay?

You can pay as many times throughout the month as you would like.

12. What if I receive Energy Assistance?

Energy Assistance payments will be posted to your account balance once it is actually received by us. If you need assistance in paying your electric bills, we have listed area agencies for your convenience:

Taylor County
Taylor County Human Services – 715-748-6123
Salvation Army – 715-748-2380
Indianhead Community Action Agency– 715-748-3063

Marathon County
Energy Services – 715-842-3111

Clark County
Clark County Human Services –715-743-5233