Taylor Electric Cooperative

MISSION STATEMENT: “Our mission is to be our members’ most valuable resource for energy and related services.”

Taylor Electric Cooperative has been serving its members since 1936. We are a rural electric distribution cooperative, established under the USDA Rural Electrification Act. Electric service is provided to more than 4,300 customers in rural areas of Taylor County, plus portions of Marathon, Clark, and Lincoln Counties. The member-owners elect a 7-member Board of Directors to govern the affairs of the Cooperative. Our Board of Directors, Coop Principles and Bylaws allow us to provide quality service to our customers.

More than 60 Million kilowatt-hours of wholesale power are purchased from Dairyland Power Cooperative, La Crosse, Wisconsin. More than 850 miles of distribution line are serviced and maintained by a full-time staff of 13 employees. Taylor Electric Cooperative is a partner with the nearly 600 Touchstone Energy Cooperatives nationwide, who serve more than 16 million customers in 44 states, and strive for service excellence through accountability, integrity, innovation, and commitment to community.

Taylor Electric Cooperative is proud to be a member of the Dairyland Cooperative. The generation and transmission cooperative formed in 1941, bringing light and power to the homes and farms in “America’s Dairyland.” Specifically serving rural communities and countryside, Dairyland continues to ease work conditions and improve quality of life for residents by delivering a safe, reliable supply of energy in its four-state service territory.