Objective to Improve Power Quality

The Cooperative will make grants and loans to assist bona fide dairy farms with power quality improvement. The Cooperative urges the inspection of electrical wiring and replacement of same, as needed, to be brought up to Wisconsin and National Electric Codes. Realizing that poor wiring creates an unsafe condition for dairy farm operations and can contribute to other conditions that could have an adverse effect on the dairy herd, the Cooperative hopes to assist those locations where today’s standards are not being met. This endeavor, coupled with the Cooperative’s effort on the utility side, is to bring the best possible electric service to farmsteads.


The total amount available to any applicant/member under this program is $30,000. Grants may be made available for up to 20% of the cost of a project maximum grant of $6,000). Loans for the remaining balance of the project may be made available to qualified borrowers. Loans may be made for up to 5 years with an interest rate of three percent (3%). Grant and Loan applications will be reviewed and approved by the Cooperative’s Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. The loan will not exceed the electrical contractor bid total, or the maximum amount of $24,000 whichever is less.

For this program to be successful, the following criteria must be met:

  1. An inspection of the entire premises, including barn, house and outbuildings, storage facilities etc. must be made by a Wisconsin Certified Electrical Inspector. There will be no charge for this inspection, as it will be paid for by the Cooperative.  The Cooperative will arrange and pay for an electrical inspection even if the loan program is not used.
  2. The member will then have the opportunity to apply for the Safety First – Grant and Loan program through the Cooperative. The application may include a “partial projects” list of the items determined to be “critical”, “hazardous”, or “necessary” for acceptance by the inspector upon re-inspection as required under Item #9 of this section.
  3. A list of all defects will be furnished to the owner and the Cooperative.
  4. Owner will obtain a bid from at least one qualified electrician, defined as an electrician who has successfully completed and is currently certified under the State’s farm rewiring course.
  5. Owner will furnish the Cooperative with the selected bid to rewire according to code.
  6. Management of the Cooperative will provide the initial approval of the project.
  7. Owner is required to sign a loan agreement with Taylor Electric Cooperative.
  8. Owner will assign their capital credits to the Cooperative as security for the loan. In the event the Cooperative deems that additional collateral is needed, the Cooperative may require that the Owner obtain a Letter of Credit (LOC) from a financial institution. The Cooperative shall pay a fee of up to 1% of the loan amount if a LOC is obtained. Owner will be responsible for any filing fees to the county. In the event of default on payments, the Cooperative will apply the yearly capital credit refunds as declared payable by the Board of Directors on a general refund basis.  Interest at an annual rate of 5% will accumulate until such time as the entire loan is paid.
  9. The balance due the contractor will be paid by the Cooperative upon final approval of re-inspection by a Wisconsin Certified Electrical Inspector.  The Cooperative will arrange and pay for the re-inspection.
  10. The Owner will commence monthly payments of principal and interest to the Cooperative, 30 days after final inspection and approval of the project.  Payments will be itemized on the electric bill or on a separate invoice.
  11. In the event of sale of property, owner will pay the remaining balance in full.


The President and CEO shall oversee and administer this policy. The President and CEO and Board of Directors reserve the right to accept or reject any loan application.

Adopted: October 28, 2002
Revised: January 1, 2006, May 28, 2008, August 25, 2008, JUne 22, 2020
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