Save with a Dual Fuel Heating System

Heating your home represents one of your largest uses of energy and probably one of your largest annual expenses as well. The energy professionals at Taylor Electric Cooperative can suggest a dual fuel heating solution to help you hold down costs without giving up comfort or convenience.

A duel fuel heating system provides you the best of both worlds: cost savings and comfort. This system gives you the power of choice by combining electric heat with a fuel heating system such as LP gas or fuel oil. This qualifies the system for a special low electric rate. Occasionally, the electric heat is interrupted during peak load conditions, typically on the coldest days of the winter your fuel backup then handles the load. Benefits include cost savings of as much as 25% or more, reliability and heating system choice.

There are some additional up front costs with the installation of a dual fuel system. Being able to take advantage of the off-peak electric rates with a dual fuel system will quickly make up for the additional costs.

There are several electric heating systems to choose from when designing your dual fuel home:

Cooperative Policy: General Service Rate

Cooperative Policy - Time of Day Rate

Cooperative Policy: Rate Code 90 R-14 Controlled Electric Heating

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