An electric thermal storage (ETS) system is an excellent, low cost way to add warmth to cold and drafty rooms or heat an addition to your house without disrupting your present heating system. An ETS system is clean, quiet, easy to install, and very efficient.

Break the Cold with Bricks

One type of electric thermal storage heating system consists of specially made, high-density bricks, inside a tastefully designed cabinet. Electricity is used to heat the bricks during off-peak hours when electric rates are lowest. The bricks are protected with high-tech insulation and store the heat until it is needed. Then, when the thermostat calls for heat, a fan blows air across the bricks to distribute heat throughout the room.

Concrete Savings

Another type of ETS system is designed for use beneath concrete floors of new homes or room additions. Electric cables or tubes are embedded below the floor. They heat the concrete at night when the rates are low. All day long, the heat then radiates in the room to keep your family cozy and warm.

Safe, Clean and Inexpensive

Whichever type of ETS system you choose, there are no flames. No fumes. Nothing to pollute the air inside your home. So it’s safer, cleaner, more efficient, and definitely less expensive to operate. An ETS system is a cost-effective way to solve specific heating problems or to heat new areas without buying a whole new furnace.

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