You’re home is sitting on top of all the energy you need to heat and cool it. A geothermal heat pump lets you tap into it. Throughout the year, the Earth stores heat from the sun. This heat is available to anyone who is equipped to use it. Even in the dead of winter, there’s enough heat below the frost line in the ground to keep your home cozy and warm.

Heat & Cool your home dirt Cheap

A geothermal thermal heat pump is all you need. In the winter, it uses a system of buried pipes carrying a special liquid to collect heat from the earth, then pumps it into your home. In the summer, the process is reversed.With a geothermal heat pump utilizing off-peak rates, you can heat and cool an average home in our area for as little as $200-$300 a year. This kind of savings will easily justify the cost of equipment. You will be able to enjoy cost savings winter and summer for years and years. In fact, the geothermal heat pump is so efficient, the U.S. Department of Energy strongly recommends it.

It conserves natural resources & financial resources

Because the geothermal heat pump doesn’t burn any fuel, it helps conserve our precious natural resources. It’s non-polluting. It’s clean. And it’s safe. There are no flames inside your home. No fumes. No vents required. Whether you are building a new home or considering a new heating/cooling system for your present home, a geothermal heat pump is the most efficient technology in the market today.