The Cooperative will sell a member a dusk-to-dawn light for installation on their premises by the Cooperative for the following prices:

  • 100 High Pressure Sodium Light -Cost plus installation
  • LED yard lights -Cost plus installation
  • Other sizes available upon special request at current prices. Call for current pricing 715-678-2411

The above prices are exclusive of any additional wiring materials or supplies needed to mount and energize the light. If additional wiring or poles are needed, the cost will be added to the above quoted price.

Dusk-to-dawn lights are fully guaranteed for the same term as the manufacturer’s warranty. Thereafter, a charge will be made for the replacement of defective parts on the light at the current price. If lightning damages the dusk-to-dawn light, the Cooperative employee will give the member the cost of repairs before leaving the premises, then inform the office so that a billing can be made.

The member can purchase an existing rented light for cost plus installation. The Cooperative will install a new bulb, test the photoelectric control, change the wiring so that the light will be metered and guarantee the light fully for one year from date of purchase.

Poles & Wiring:
The Cooperative will furnish and install one (1) thirty (30) foot pole for $400.00 at the time of initial light purchase or rental. A member will be advised to contact his/her electrician to complete the wiring for a purchased light when necessary.

Rental Lights Only:
The Cooperative will furnish for monthly rental fee, un-metered:

  • a 40-watt LED light for $10.00
  • $13.00 for all other rented lights, except:
  • a 250-watt light for $15.80
  • a 400-watt lights for $20.50

Needed additional wiring or poles will be billed to the member. Should a member with underground electric service, request to rent a light, the member will be required to have his/her electrician complete the wiring for the light, as the Co-op does not stock the necessary materials to offer this service.

All the above prices do not include the 5% Wisconsin Sales Tax or any applicable county sales tax. This offer is good only to members of Taylor Electric Cooperative on premises served by the Cooperative.

If requested by a member, the Cooperative may install a rental light on any existing pole. A monthly facility charge of $10 shall be billed for the transformer installed to provide service to the light only, in addition to the monthly rental fee for the light. Any additional wiring to provide power to the transformer or light shall be billed to the member, as in the case where only underground wiring is connected to the existing pole.

Repairs to Member-Owned Lights:

During normal business hours, a service call fee at the established hourly labor rate including overhead, plus a trip charge, shall be billed for any service performed at the member’s premises on a member-owned dusk-to-dawn light. This charge applies to all lights that are past the one-year guarantee period or otherwise not under a guarantee by the Cooperative.

Adopted by Board of Directors: July 31, 1996 Revised: August 27, 1998 June 22, 2001 July 22, 2003 July 26, 2005 June 30, 2006 July 24, 2008 June 30, 2010 June 21, 2012, July 29, 2015, November 29, 2017, October 24, 2018
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